New updates released to SpottingLog in January 2017

We have recently launched some exciting new updates to the SpottingLog software and we wanted to let you know about them.

A new section has been added to SpottingLog called Reports, from here you can obtain a list of airlines you have spotted and then a breakdown of which aircraft you have seen in a particular airline. Another report allows you to see which aircraft models you have seen, for example, and from which airlines. The last report allows you to see which airports you have visited and then see a list of all aircraft you have logged at that airport.

All of the reports have the standard statistics viewable alongside a registration. We plan to add further reports in the future to allow spotters easier access to their data.

Some spotters had requested the need to be able to search for a logged registration and then edit it wihout having to scroll through various trips, you can now search for a specific aircraft and then Edit the aircraft from the search results making it alot easier.

Duplicate Prevention
When adding an aircraft from a spotting trip it is very easy to log it more than once particularly if you have multiple photos or the aircraft was operating many flights in one day, with our new duplicate prevention system SpottingLog will alert you to a duplicate. If however you want to add a duplicate for any reason there is a checkbox to allow this on the Add Sighting page.

The display of aircraft photos on the Photos page and sightings page has been improved to show them in the correct aspect ratio, previously photos were chopping off the nose or tail of an aircraft. The new photo display will show your photos in a quicker and more pleasing way.

View Sighting
When viewing a sighting we have removed the links to view more photos on Jetphotos and from the sighting page as this was under used, this space is now utilised to show photos of the particular aircraft from other spotters.

Aircraft History
We now have an historical aircraft database of more than 200,000 aircraft registrations, when viewing a sighting the Aircraft Details tab will show any previous operators of that aircraft and when it came into service, you may notice that when adding a sighting the aircraft MSN is automatically populated from the same data.

Various Tweaks
Following feedback we have made a few tweaks to the SpottingLog software to further improve and enhance and we are already working on the next version, a few small tweaks to mention is the ability to click onto an airline or airport when viewing a trip, your sightings or spotters sightings.

We hope you enjoy these new updates.

Happy spotting!

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