About Us

SpottingLogĀ has been developed as a premium product by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts, we all know and can relate to the fact we have lists of aircraft and spotting trips either paper based or stored somewhere on a computer, these are sometimes hard to find, hard to update and kind of last century, this is where the idea for SpottingLog has come from, there was also a few web based systems on the internet but they weren’t easy to use, nice to look at or functional and so the decision was made to develop a brand new web based piece of software to solve this issue.

From your PC, Mac, tablet, phone or any internet connected device you can browse, search, update and add registrations to your online spotting log quickly and easily whether it be stood at the end of the runway or in the comfort of your home or office, these can then be easily accessed at any timeĀ for future reference. Your log collections and photos can also be shared with social media helping to grow and join the aviation community worldwide.

After years of development and months of testing the SpottingLog web application was launched in April 2016 to the aviation community to use and enjoy, many of the early stages testing was very positive and resulted in great feedback from our beta testers.

We hope you will enjoy using the online spotting log database and hope you let us know what you think! Signup today for your free 14 day trial account to see our system in use, after 14 days you will need to subscribe to continue to use the software fully. Alternatively you can still access the software free of charge but everything will be read-only.


The Team

The team behind SpottingLog have years of experience in aviation, web development and sales & marketing and have been ideally placed to drive the platform forward. Our team is comprised of the following.

  • Simon Fewkes – Founder and Lead Developer
  • Rick Lord – Sales & Marketing and Front End Developer
  • Jonathan Palombo – Aircraft Data Editor

If you are interested in joining our team of data editors please get in contact with us.

What Our Subscribers Say

We encourage our valued subscribers to leave genuine and honest reviews of the SpottingLog software for anyone to see, take a look at our latest reviews to see what great things are being said about us.

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SpottingLog works on the following devices


Windows Mobile

Apple iOS and MacOSX


Internet Explorer & Edge

Google Chrome