We are continually working on new features for SpottingLog, the current version of the software will include the following great features. If you would like to suggest a feature please feel free to contact us.

  • Web based – access your online logs from anywhere and from any internet connected device, whether that be a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Free 14 Day trial – signup today and receive a fully functioning 14 day trial to use the software, after 14 days your data will be read only or subscribe and receive full access.
  • Secure – registration, login and data capture are all handled securely.
  • Easy to use – we have ensured that recording your spotting trips and sightings are as quick and easy as possible.
  • Photo Library – build up your own online photo library of aircraft sightings and browse other members photos.
  • Search by registration – search for a particular aircraft by registration and see all the locations you have seen or photographed the aircraft.
  • Search by airport – search your online logs by airport and see a list of all the aircraft you have spotted at that location.
  • Search by MSN – search your aircraft sightings by a particular MSN, you can even view the aircraft MSN directly from sightings and trips
  • Search by trip – search by date and see all the aircraft and photos you have logged.
  • Browse other spotters – explore other members aircraft logs and photos and gather useful information on what to see and where.
  • Statistics – each time you create a trip, sighting or photo your statistics will be updated giving you a total which can be really useful and interesting to keep a track on.
  • Fleet Listings – our up to date and comprehensive fleet lists allow you to see what aircraft you have seen from a particular airline.
  • Website embedding – we can provide a page that can be embedded into any website to display aircraft logs and photos seen at the airport the website represents.
  • Community Forum – join the community of aviation enthusiasts who are all using this great software application.
  • Printable Trip Reports – save your print report in a hard copy by printing your spotting logs from any of the trips you have been on. Reports can either be printed onto paper or saved to PDF.
  • Unlimited Sightings – store an unlimited number of aircraft sightings along with notes and a photo.
  • Unlimited Trips – store an unlimited number of spotting trips along with notes about the trip.
  • Free updates – free software updates and enhancements will be automatically added to your account providing new features and fixes to any bugs that are found.
  • Automatically backed up – all your data is backed up daily and is securely stored meaning you never have to worry about data loss or disaster as we take care of this for you.
  • Import from CSV – do you have sightings in CSV/Spreadsheet format? You can import into SpottingLog to save you hours of data entry!
  • Export to CSV – export your trips or all your sightings to your own CSV backup copy for offline storage.
  • MSN Management – keep track of aircraft and airlines by their manufacturer serial number, search, view and print.

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