We have put together a set of frequently asked questions designed to answer some of the common queries we get asked, if your query isnt answered here please get in contact with us.

Yes you can register for a free 7 day trial account which will give you full access to all areas of the software, after 7 days you will need to subscribe to continue to use the software.

Take a look at our Prices page to find out more about the packages we offer to our subscribers.

Your data will always be available and will never be removed, you will only be able to use SpottingLog in read-only mode.

Yes, you can import existing aircraft registrations, airline and aircraft types into your account using the Import CSV feature found under Sightings, in order to do this you must first create a CSV file using certain columns as detailed on the page, there is also a sample CSV file for you to download and populate. If you have a large amount of data and need assistance please contact us and we can help you import the data.

Yes of course, you are able to print off a hard copy of all the aircraft sightings for a spotting trip, to do this go to the Trips page and click the blue Print button, a printable page is displayed which you can print on a printer or to a PDF printer if you want to store the information electronically.

No, you do not have to upload photos but it will help enhance your logs if you do. Adding photos is not required, when viewing a sighting if another spotter has uploaded a photo those will be displayed beneath.

If you want to start with a completely empty account you can either delete all of your spotting trips yourself which will empty your account, or you can contact us and we can empty your account for you.

Thats great, thanks for registering. The first thing you need to do is ensure your profile is fully completed, make sure all fields have been filled out and you have uploaded a profile photo. Next start creating spotting trips, these are required before you can add sightings. Once you have added a trip you can then start adding aircraft sightings. You now have your account ready to add data, just repeat these steps as many times as you like.

You can see statistics and aircraft for a particular airline by visiting the extensive Reports section, from the list select the airline name, which are listed alphabetically. An airline profile page is then displayed displaying the total aircraft logged, the registrations and locations.

Yes you can export all of your sihgtings, to do this visit the Reports page and click Download under the “Export All Sightings” box. A CSV file will be downloaded with every sighting at every location. It isnt possible to export any of the photos.

We often get asked this question, unfortunately it is only possible to upload one photo per sighting, this is simply due to server disk space and the fact SpottingLog is primarily an aircraft sighting database not a photo library, the photo is just there to “backup” the sighting.

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