New updates enable MSN display and search

We have just rolled out another great update to the SpottingLog software. This new update now allows subscribers to search by MSN (manufacturer serial number) to see aircraft registrations for a specific MSN.

The changes have been applied across the SpottingLog software, the display of MSN details can be seen on the following pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Airline, Airport, Aircraft Type reports
  • Search Results
  • Sightings
  • Spotters Sightings
  • Trip Lists
  • Printable Reports
  • Viewing a specific registration

As well as enabling the display of MSN numbers across the website we have also improved the search function, as well as being able to search by a particular MSN the search results will now show any photos uploaded that match any of the search criteria. So if you wanted to see what photos you have uploaded for “First Choice Airways” search by airline, choose First Choice and the results will be displayed. This applies to any search value.

We hope all our subscribers enjoy the new changes and we look forward to releasing the next updates as they become available.

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