New look for 2023

We have been hard at work for many months on a complete overhaul of the SpottingLog system and we are so excited to announce that all subscribers now have access to the new version of the SpottingLog application.

The 4 main objectives we had when we started this system overhaul were:

  1. Improve Performance and Load Times
  2. Complete UI Redesign
  3. Add New Features
  4. Improve the user experience

We will talk more about how each key part of the SpottingLog system was completely rebuilt to enhance the user experience and future-proof our systems for years to come.

Performance and Load Times

For many of our users with large amounts of logs. Speed and load times have been an issue. With the new system update, we are seeing a reduction in load times by up to 80% which is a huge improvement made possible by a complete overhaul of the underlying framework and server architecture.

Complete UI Redesign

We completely redesigned the UI of the software, which makes navigating your data easier and faster. We also introduced many new features which we have wanted to add to the software for a while or have been requested by subscribers.

New Features

  • Ability to add custom locations of your own
  • Add single/quick sightings without creating a trip
  • Add bulk sightings faster than ever before
  • Improved CSV imports
  • You can now track the flights you have flown on
  • Improved search functionality
  • A new help centre with lots of helpful information
  • A new support system
  • Many more changes to discover when you log in

For a full list of features added in the major 2023 release check out the updates page.

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