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  • Fleet Listings

    Our up to date and comprehensive fleet lists allow you to see what aircraft you have seen from a particular airline.

  • Web based software

    Access SpottingLog from any internet connected device, works on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops including Mac OSX.

  • Printable trip reports

    Save a paper copy to store offline of all the aircraft sightings you have seen on a particular spotting trip.

  • Unlimited sightings and trips

    As a subscriber you can store an unlimited number of aircraft sightings, spotting trips and aircraft photos.

  • Secure and easy to use

    The SpottingLog software is very easy and quick to use, your data is also backed up daily free of charge.

  • Regular free updates and enhancements

    All future updates and enhancements are released free of charge so you are always using the most current features.

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Shashiki Thilanka - Sri Lanka
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Roger Long - United Kingdom
Joined: 07 Jun 2021
Claude Davet - Switzerland
Joined: 07 Jun 2021
Ernie Burton - United Kingdom
Joined: 05 Jun 2021
Casper Bours - Netherlands
Joined: 04 Jun 2021
Stuart Haggett - United Kingdom
Joined: 28 May 2021
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