When you first subscribe to SpottingLog you will have access to a free 14 day trial which is fully functioning and allow you to use all aspects of the software without restriction, after the 14 day trial if you want to continue to add spotting trips, aircraft sightings and aircraft photos to your account you will need to subscribe to our subscription package as detailed below.

1 Year Subscription
Unlimited Sightings
Unlimited Trips
Unlimited Photos*
Free Support
Free Updates
Available 24/7/365
Web Based Application
Free Import from other software**
£30.00 per year
Subscriber Reviews

"A site like this has been needed for a long time. Spotting Log have done a great job and really listen to feedback from their users to help continually improve the site, as well as having some good ideas of their own :-)." Andrew, UK

"Really excellent, highly recommended for all plane spotters & plane enthusiasts. Great value for money!!!." Chris, UK

"It is a great way to keep track of trips, sightings and photos. Very easy to use. I am only new to plane spotting and have found SpottingLog to be a fun part of the hobby."Anthony, Australia

"Very easy to setup and incredibly useful and intuitive in use. This will take the place of so many pieces of paper that it has to be good for the rain forest as well!!! Seriously, though, I recommend SpottingLog and suggest that it is well worth the subscription." Steve, UK

* One photo can be uploaded per aircraft sighting, per trip. ** Sightings can be imported manually by CSV file, contact us for assistance.

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