SpottingLog celebrates its 8th birthday!

This month SpottingLog is celebrating its 8th birthday, originally launched in April 2016 the aircraft spotting database has continued to grow and expand well beyond the initial plans.

With over 2.3 million aircraft sightings, 300.000 aircraft photos uploaded, 146.000 spotting trips and getting close to 2000 subscribers SpottingLog has far exceeded our expectations. Backed up with a new team of data editors and an aircraft database of nearly 1 million records the future of SpottingLog is looking very positive.

Earlier last year we launched version 2 of the platform, this was a serious change both in terms of the look and feel but also speed, all areas of SpottingLog are fast loading and responsive improving the experience for our subscribers.

Recently launched this year are our data editors who are carrying out updates and additions to our central database or airlines, airports and aircraft to ensure we have the most up to date and accurate aviation data of all aircraft spotting databases on the internet.

We have some exciting plans for future expansion in the future and these will be announced as they become reality, but for now we would like to thank all our followers, subscribers and partners for helping us to achieve 8 years of operations, we look forward to reaching the 10 year milestone.

Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Signup for a free 7 day trial of our software to experience SpottingLog for yourself.

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