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We have recently launched a new reviews system working in partnership with Trustpilot. The feedback we get from our subscribers is crucial to us in order to develop and expand the software further including developing the aviation community within SpottingLog.

There are many review platforms on the web and we have chosen Trustpilot as our preferred partner, we strongly believe that all reviews should be 100% authentic so there are no fake or false reviews.

After each subscription, an email is generated inviting the subscriber to review the SpottingLog software, this gives any potential subscriber the confidence that our reviews clearly displayed on our website, search engine results and social media are authentic.

We will respond to any review left, whether it be good or bad to give a completely transparent approach to how we manage subscriber feedback and then in turn work to improve or expand the software.

Take a look at our current reviews by viewing our TrustPilot Reviews page, the next time you subscribe to our software you will be invited to review the SpottingLog software.

What Our Subscribers Say

We encourage our valued subscribers to leave genuine and honest reviews of the SpottingLog software for anyone to see, take a look at our latest reviews to see what great things are being said about us.

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