Price changes now live

Following our recent announcement our price changes have gone live on the website and software platform today, this now means that going forward we only offer one subscription rate per year.

All subscribers were sent a survey back in 2018 which included news that we were proposing a small increase in the SpottingLog susbcription fees and changes to how they work, 75% of subscribers voted in favour of this change and we pushed ahead with those changes.

From the 1st April 2019 we will now only offer a 1 year subscription at a new price of £25.00 per year, we have now ended the 2 and 3 year subscriptions as these are no longer viable for us. This new price means the cost of SpottingLog is just over £2.00 a month, less than a decent cup of coffee at a well known coffee shop.

Over the past year we have invested heavily in server infrastructure, developments, hosting and aircraft data access recently and so feel the need for a price increase which hasn’t occured since we launched back in 2016, even with this increase we are still 50% cheaper than some of our competitors.

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