Launch of community forums and quicker way of logging sightings

The team at SpottingLog have today released some long anticipated further updates to the web based application.

Community Forums

In order for us to further build a spotting community, improve our communication and allow subscribers to ask questions and post messages for other spotters we have developed a new Community Forums section.

Members of SpottingLog are free to post as many messages on topic as they are able, ask questions, request features and start conversations with other SpottingLog subscribers. The new forums will be regularly updated by the team and we encourage our subscribers to use the feature.

Quicker Way to Add Sightings

Following feedback from many subscribers we have now implemented many improvements to speed up the “Add Sighting” process.

It is now possible to “open” a trip and keep adding sightings to it without having to keep selecting the trip from the dropdown list, to do this navigate to the Trips page and click the blue button with a plus, alternatively when viewing a trip the same button exists allowing you to add sightings quicker.

The Add Sighting page will also automatically focus the cursor to the registration input box and will auto capatilise the registration you have entered to save time inputting data.


You will also notice that the main menu has been altered slightly, all of the page headings are now in alphabetical order along with a notifications box beside the “Community Forums” link to highlight new threads. When viewing on a mobile device the main menu can be simply scrolled up or down to reveal all the page headings.

Each page now has its own page title, this will help when navigating the website, in particular if you need to “go back” or look through your browser history a list of pages visited will now be displayed with the correct page headings.

There are still a large number of improvements coming that we are working on and these will be made live over the coming weeks.


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