Coming in 2023

We have been hard at work for many months on a complete overhaul of the SpottingLog system. We were hoping to launch this monumental update toward the end of 2022 but it has turned into a mammoth task and we want to ensure we have ticked all the boxes we set out to tick before rolling out this update to all users.

The 3 main objectives we had when we started this system overhaul were:

  1. Improve Performance and Load Times
  2. Complete UI Redesign
  3. Improve the user experience

There is still a huge amount of work for us to complete before we roll out this update but we wanted to give all our users a sneak peek at what is coming in 2023.

Performance and Load Times

For many of our users with large amounts of logs. Speed and load times have been an issue. With the new system update, we are seeing a reduction in load times by up to 80% which is a huge improvement made possible by a complete overhaul of the underlying framework and server architecture.

Complete UI Redesign

There is no better way to show you a sneak peek of our UI changes other than sharing some before and after screenshots. Use the sliders below to reveal the before and after changes.





Help Center

Improved User Experience

Through a combination of performance optimisation and UI redesigns, we have had the opportunity to rework various parts of the user experience. You will get to see these great improvements when the new update is ready.


All of these changes are still work in progress and may be subject to change as we continue to improve and work on the biggest system overhaul SpottingLog has ever seen.

We look forward to releasing this update at some time in 2023 and we hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks into what the future of SpottingLog will look like.


Discuss these updates on our community forums, we are always excited to hear your feedback.

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